Lower your cold storage costs

All the cold storage warehouse equipment you need to store your cold and frozen goods more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our range of automated solutions ensures highest product density for your cold or frozen goods.

Your benefits?

Reduce your energy costs

Increase your profits through efficient warehouse layouts that decrease energy consumption

Increase storage capacity

Store more product in your facility while retaining ease of access

Improve access to inventory

Fast and easy product access with optimised product rotation designs, saving you time and money

Operate down to -30° C

Tried and tested in the coldest storage applications across the world, with highest quality standards

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Our Solutions:

Mobile Pallet Racking

Employing electronically controlled mobile bases, Mobile Racking (MOVO) increases your storage space by up to 80% while maintaining direct access to each pallet.

MOVO carries high loads of up to 24 tons, at racking heights of up to 12 metres.

Drive-in Pallet Racking

When using the First-in, Last-out (FILO) principle, the P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking System efficiently reduces time of aisle loading / unloading and saves up to 90% cold storage space.

Pallet Shuttle System

The semi-automated, highly efficient Pallet Shuttle removes the need for forklift trucks, saving you operational time and costs

The optimum solution for FIFO and LIFO high-density storage applications, this system handles goods within economical channels.

Pallet Flow Solutions

With integrated conveyor modules that suit most pallet types and sizes, these systems decrease space usage up to 60%. Ideal in FIFO applications, and well-suited for the beverage industry.

Through automatic braking, a combined load guide and end stop unit, pallet movement is safe and smooth.


To ensure optimised cold storage solutions, we provide market-leading rack inspection, warehouse safety consultancy, installation and re-design services.

Optimised Aftersales:

Monitor and organise units

Managing your storage space is made easy and co-ordinated with intelligent warehouse management software

Turnkey engineering and support services

Customise your cold room with expert design, installation, operation and management services

24-month standard warranty

Guaranteed product operation, ensuring your safe and durable storage solutions

Industries we serve:

Food & Beverage
Cold Chain Logistics

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